We specialise in bad credit loans

In order to quickly hold a loan agreement and then be able to call up your loan immediately, you need a strong partner by your side.

Faster to the bad credit loan agreement

Faster to the credit agreement

Crediter helps you find a loan and can significantly cut your way to a really cheap credit agreement. Because the experts always know exactly where the chances of a loan are best – whether you are an employee or a self-employed person, and whether you have a good or bad private credit.

Bad Credit Loans

For most credit seekers, we will find a suitable solution within a very short time. For the loan agreement and the payment of the loan amount, it is then only a small step.

To begin the search for bad credit loan, first, ask for loan request on the Green Day Online website. The request costs nocent and obliges you to nothing. The offer that you receive in the second step is also completely free and without obligation for you. In the offer, which you often receive by mail the day after your request, you can read everything important about your possible credit.

  • You will find easy-to-understand information about the loan amount,
  • to the monthly installments and
  • to the annual percentage rate.

This is not “any” offer, but the best credit terms Crediter has found for you. Not infrequently stuck in the free loan offer the results of inquiries at 10 or 20 different banks.

The experts at Crediter spare no effort to really find the best possible loan. You can experience how successful you are in just a few hours by submitting your loan request.

Request a loan agreement now

If you have the concrete offer, you can check it extensively. If you are convinced, sign the loan agreement and send it to Crediter. For legal reasons, this is only possible by post in Germany.

Otherwise, the processing of your loan is mainly via email, because that is the most efficient way of communication and because you get so fast on fresh cash. After receiving your loan agreement and the final check, you can have your loan paid out. With expert support from Crediter, you can get your loan agreement both with and without private credit.