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Loans without private credit? This is how you really recognize serious offers

Without private credit information, lending is impossible for most banks. Some providers, on the other hand, advertise specifically with private credit-free loans – what is behind it?

Crediter can also help you to get loans without private credit. We have been acquainted with financing of all kinds for more than 45 years. Our company works well recognized and always gets excellent scores in independent comparison tests. We can therefore say from many years of experience: Loans without private credit are just as reputable as regular loans with private credit, but they are almost always second only.

What distinguishes a loan without private credit?

Above all, there are two peculiarities that distinguish a loan without private credit from a regular loan:

  1. In the case of a private credit-free financing , the bank does not ask any data from the private credit as part of the credit check.
  2. If a loan is concluded, private credit will not receive any information about this contract.
    Basically, a non-loan credit for the credit report thus remains invisible.

Benefits of a debt-free loan

That the private credit free financing does not appear on the “radar screen” of the private credit means for you as a borrower, a high degree of discretion. After all, there are many institutions that like to look at your “private credit file”. Your house bank, your landlord, telephone companies, your employer and many others can find out a lot about you at private credit.

Nobody gets information about a private creditfreien credit, because the loan is not noted in the credit report. You can therefore also take out financing without private credit in addition to current loans. Your credit rating will not be affected.

Disadvantages of a loan without private credit

Basically, a loan without private credit for the financing bank is associated with a higher risk. For credit transactions of all kinds, the individual risk is always reflected in the interest rate:

The higher the bank estimates the potential default risk, the more interest you have to pay.

In the non-scholl variant of the loan, information from the past is ignored. The bank therefore dispenses with a source of information, which normally flows into the credit check. The risk is therefore generally considered higher – with the result that the terms of a loan without private credit are almost always worse. In other words, for a private creditfreies loan higher interest rates are due than for a regular loan.

Serious loans without private credit

You always have to weigh up whether the advantages or disadvantages for a private credit-free financing outweigh them. And if you opt for a loan without private credit, then you should definitely contact a reputable provider.

Unfortunately, by no means all market participants are as reputable as Crediter. Many charge pre-costs and only work against high fees. With Crediter, however, you also receive your credit without private credit basically without any cost.