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Banker unpacks: That’s why loans are rejected

If the bank refuses a loan, then usually one of these three reasons plays a role. We say what it “hooks” – and how you still get to his money. Reason # 1: The income is too low. Banks are required by law to check the financial position of a prospective loan applicant. If his […]

Loans without private credit? This is how you really recognize serious offers

Without private credit information, lending is impossible for most banks. Some providers, on the other hand, advertise specifically with private credit-free loans – what is behind it? Crediter can also help you to get loans without private credit. We have been acquainted with financing of all kinds for more than 45 years. Our company works […]

Too low income for a loan? That’s the solution

You need a loan, but your income is not enough for a commitment from the bank? We’ll tell you how to get fresh money anyway. For installment loans for free use, there is essentially only one security for the bank: your income. The salary therefore plays a central role in the credit check. Only if […]

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