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Did the house bank say no? You can still get a car loan here

You need a new car, but your house bank says “no”? No problem, because Crediter often finds a bank that says “yes”.

Whether you’re asking for a loan from “your” bank or the dealer’s partner bank, your application ends up in one of the “credit factories,” where computers actually decide on demand, as if on an assembly line. Whatever the nature of computers, they are scrupulously sticking to what the bank has previously defined. Scope for individual solutions or the search for alternatives to a conventional loan are not provided. Customers who do not fully comply with the requirements profile will receive a cancellation – that is the case.

The deeper reason behind such a refusal is often one or the other “blemishes” in the private credit information. Although everyone knows by now that a large part of the private credit data is wrong. And every bank is aware that even the slightest misconduct can lead to negative entries. But that does not change the fact that the private credit score still plays a central role in the credit check. And that’s why so many potential car buyers fail to find a loan, although they could actually afford their dream vehicle easily.

Crediter does not want to accept that and therefore opposes the “Car Loan Initiative 2017”. The idea: We also find your car loan with “bad private credit”. So if others have already declined, that does not mean anything to your free car loan request at Crediter. Here everyone gets a fair chance on credit, which has a fixed income of at least 1,300 euros net per month. Further requirement: The employment contract must be indefinite, so a possible trial period must already be over.

Free warranty for your car loan with and without private credit

Free warranty for your car loan with and without private credit

Whether you are eligible for a regular car loan or a loan without private credit, Crediter will always benefit from the Comprehensive Free Warranty. You do not pay a cent for your request, and you will receive your loan offer completely free of charge. So you can decide in the end whether you want to accept the offered car loan or not.

Fancy a new (used) car? Then get your car loan here now without any cost!