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Private credit query before the loan – why?

Are you looking for a loan without private credit because your bank does not want to give you a loan? And then there should still be a private credit query at Crediter?

Yes, your free inquiry with us is connected with a private credit query. Because in this way you save a lot of money – many hundreds of euros or even several thousand euros. Our tip: Take two minutes to read this article. Then you know how to obtain a much cheaper loan with the help of private credit information. And even if you want to give others because of supposedly “bad” private credit no loan.

Approval of the private credit query

At the end of the loan application we ask for your consent to the query of the private credit data. So far, there is no big difference to traditional banks, which also make a private credit query.

In the next step, however, there is a decisive difference: In the case of large banks, negative private credit characteristics and a too low private credit score automatically lead to the rejection of your loan application. With Crediter, on the other hand, you also get a fair chance for credit with a “bad private credit”.

Credit without?

If you need fresh cash, but your bank does not want to give you credit, then a loan without private credit CAN be just right for you – it does NOT have to be.

The reason for the rejection of your credit request at the house bank is often a “bad private credit”. If the score is too low, the bank considers the risk associated with lending too high. This means: You will fail the credit check because of your private credit rating and will immediately receive a cancellation.

Like your house bank, almost all other major banks do it. They also carry out credit checks largely automatically.

In these credit factories, there is no room for individual case decisions. A computer checks whether a loan should be awarded to you or not. A very decisive factor here is the private credit information. If your private credit score is too low, you will not be given credit. In this case, it does not use anything if you want to ask again or convince a bank employee in conversation – it will not succeed.

However, that does not mean that you basically have no way to take out a loan.

Often, it does not have to be a free loan

Bon loan can offer you a loan without private credit. However, such funding would not be the best option for you in many cases. Because debt-free loans are generally more expensive than regular loans. In addition, without private credit information only relatively small loan amounts are possible. If you need, for example, 5,000 euros or more, without private credit query anyway.

The special feature of Crediter: Our banking partners take into account the large error rate of private credit data and get an idea of ​​themselves. If your income is sufficient for funding, then negative private credit traits are not a reason for rejection.

Thanks to Crediter, you often do not need a more expensive private credit-free loan, but you can also get a cheaper regular loan. In order for us to take advantage of this opportunity, we need your approval of the private credit inquiry.

Your request at Crediter is private credit-neutral, so your score will not deteriorate. Thus, agreeing to the private credit query brings you a lot of benefits – and in many cases a much cheaper loan. Experience shows that many interested parties who think that they can get a loan without private credit at best, have in fact quite the chance of a normal financing. These are then loans that are awarded despite bad private credit. They, too, come from banks that are not slavishly oriented towards the private credit score when it comes to credit checks – but instead look at the overall financial situation.

For the credit decision does not count, therefore, if something may have gone wrong in the past (and that has then found expression in the private credit information) – but it is only the question of whether you are here today in the situation, the desired credit take. So it’s about whether your income is enough to pay the loan installments.

A loan with bad private credit or a loan without private credit can be a good solution even if several large banks have already rejected you. Crediter often finds a really good solution even in very difficult cases.